Greetings art lovers,
Thanks for visiting the live Oak Art House online. I am owner and operator Artist Nada Meeks

The Artist

I have been a freelance illustrator since 2003 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in illustration from the Ringling School of Art & Design. My portfolio includes watercolor, pen and Ink, color pencil, digital design, photographic manipulation, photography, oils and living canvas artistry (i.e. face and body painting).

In 2013 I moved back to Live Oak Florida to care for my mother and two cats, where I discovered our town had not yet developed a community art center and that there were no elementary arts in the schools. So I decided to create a space to inspire and build up our creative community and that is how the Live Oak Art House came into being.

The Art House
The Art House is a 100 year old house at 302 Duval St NW in Live Oak Florida. This lovely old girl is being renovated into a Gallery and Creativity center for our town of Live Oak.

 So let me paint the picture for you of what the art house will be.

As you walk in the door is a gallery and gift center which will boast lovely white walls, a chandelier, and filtered light through our hand painted windows, creating a bright crisp wonderland of local art.  To the left, of you through the double pained French doors, will be the tearoom where you’ll find a cold bottle of water or warm cup of tea awaiting you. Small tables and a settee adorn this room where you may sit in front of our stone fireplace and sip and admire the work of or our local artist guild. Down from the tea room your will find Studio N8da, my fantasy photography room, set up and waiting for you to become part of the art with a fantasy portrait. This is also where you will find the newly renovated public restroom. Finally back out to the main gallery across our hard wood floors through the second set of french doors is our cozy and charming class room, where we host our weekly paint nights, our Saturday morning creative specials, our private art lessons and when nothing else is going on you are welcome to bring your supplies and sit with me to talk and create.

Like all dreams this will need a bit of work to come true. Please help up open our doors. Make a donation to the Art House or become a patron for as little as $1 a month or check out our list of needs and drop off something on the front porch ( we always need more KILZ)  and help creativity bloom in our town.

To those of you who have donated art supplies and more, my deepest thanks.

-Nada Meeks, Artist